The Arc of Joan Ep. 6

Ep. 6 Messaging. It's another frantic day at Grace Temple as Joan meets with her fancy budget busting Nashville designer for her upcoming tour while B...View Details

Ep. 5 Church and State

A young congregant wants to oust a Grace Temple Apostle from city council and asks Y.M. for the "youth vote" as Joan interviews new associates and Bet...View Details

The Arc of Joan Ep 4

Joan of Snark, Episode 4 Chaos reigns during tornado season as Pastor Joan struggles to shelter the town people. Beth has to solve Nina's riddle as to...View Details

Ep 3 Opportunity Knocks

Beth is in for the shock of her life when she attempts to get to the bottom of some unauthorized use of the church van. Joan, meanwhile, never lets a ...View Details

The Arc of Joan Ep. 2

The Sermon Files. As Joan plays internet catch up, riots breakout after Y.M. attempts to double the congregation size with social media posts that mim...View Details

Episode 1: Vengeance is Mine. Beth returns to her small town roots to help streamline the Grace Temple Prophecy church.  In constant battle with the R...View Details

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